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  • What is the size and weight of TWIDDLE SPIN?
    TWIDDLE SPIN measures at 46mm in Diameter and 15mm in thickness. Fully Loaded, it weighs 58 grams/ 2.04 ounces.
  • How is twiddle spin built?
    Twiddle Spin is made of all metal construction and will last for a life time. The outer casings are made of aircraft grade aluminum, the play discs are made of Stainless Steel, the caps are made of Brass.
  • How many Play discs fit in the spin?
    3 Discs fit inside the Twiddle Spin. They are swappable and can be played as per choice.
  • How do I play with the Play Discs?
    3 Discs need to be loaded in the spin. Make sure the disc which you want to play is put on top. Load the Steel ball, Spin and Play. PS: Loading less than 3 discs would make the magnetic pull of the Steel Ball strong and would not let the ball roll when the spin is stopped. However, when using Measurement Discs, it is recommended to use only 1 disc and place the ball at "0" reading for a strong magnetic pull.
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